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40g W/ Cochu blue & Ember Tetras.


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Hi there,

My 40 gallon holds a pair of Apistos and 10x Cochu Blue Tetras.

Wanting advice if anyone can foresee any issues with adding Ember tetras with the Cochu?

Its a planted tank but the front section is open and the back wall is lined with Blue Stricta and on the sides is a large Amazon Sword leaving the middle/front in open swimming but the Cochu constantly duck in and out of the Stricta.

Is my plan a go?

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Hi there! I saw your post sitting here for the last 10 hours and I'm a nerd so while I have no experience with that combination I don't see why it's not going to work. The Cochu (from what I see King Tetra?) can be known as a fin nipper (apparently it's a Tetra thing- I notice my Black Neon Tetras being jerks to each other, check) so that's something to watch out for- but the Ember is not. The Apistos don't seem to be an issue with either. Is it true the Cochu hang mostly at the top as some sites suggest? As it looks like the Embers will be a mid area fish for you. If so that's the case I think you'd be good- but I'd watch for fin nipping and have a back up plan. What do you think? 

I assume you were asking about behavior only. I did not look into whether the water parameter requirements are the same. 

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