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Placement for Lily Pipes?


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Hello all. I am still new to this natural aquarium thing. I just bought the spin lily pipe for my beta and a skimmer so i dont have problems with scum because of slow water movement. More plants will be comming over time so dont worry about that 🙂 Now my question was how it is best to place the glass pipes? I first placed the skimmer on the back left, but because it was a raised area it did not work properly cuz it was just a tad to high for it to work. Then i placed it at the left front ( where the spin lily pipe is now ) but it was to visible. I was wondering if my placement now is ok? On the right back side is an air stone, but it seems like the most dirt comes from the right side. So any of you have pictures or good placements for this 60p aquarium? I tried looking online but i dont find much info on where to place them.  Many thanks!


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