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Hey all, I'm looking for a little advice

I recently bought a used Oceanic Systems 60gal Hex and I'm planning to reseal it. The last owner also resealed it (did a sketchy job by the looks of it), and he had it running for something like 20 years. As I was cleaning off the old silicon, I noticed that the seams had little bubbles in them but were not foggy at all. With a tank this old I would opt for a rebuild, but given that its a hex and was very high quality, I'm not sure if that is necessary. I've attached pictures showing some of the seams, they are all in similar shape. The tops are worse then the bottom, but I will be adding the trim back on. What do you guys think? Has anyone rebuilt a hex before?


bonus pic of my 40 breeder








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Personally I would just clean off the old silicone as good as I could and then put a nice thick bead of new silicone on all of the interior edges. But I do understand your concern with it being an old tank. But like you said it being a hex and the fact that those old tanks where built really good I would do what I suggested above. Best of luck its a very cool tank.

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