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Popeye and my betta


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Hi my trusted NERMS! I am seeking your wise knowledge.

I have a betta that has had popeye for almost a month. We had him in a hospital tank for the First two weeks. When he wasn't getting worse but he wasn't getting better and it seemed the longer he was in the hospital he just got more depressed.

He has been back in his 5 gallon community tank for a couple weeks now. His eye is not looking any better and now there is a little bit of light coloring. What can I do?

He is in a heavily planted tank with his Tetras buddies. I am thinking about doing another salt treatment but I don't want to kill my plants...

I am thinking about taking out all the plants and snails and just leave the betta with his tetras and try the salt therapy. But where do I start? 

I would rather strip down his tank and treat him and his buddies together because of how withdrawn he became when we was alone.



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Frist what are your water parameters can you take a picture of the sick fish pop eye can be caused by a bacterial infection or an injury I would treat with maracyn and aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 2 gallons 

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Before I would start any salt treatment or maracyn treatment I think I would try a salt bath. I had a severe case of finrot with my betta  that was unbeatable. At times I had thought about euthonizinge the betta to take him out of his missery. I had tried lots of different treatments (including a salt treatment) but none seemed to do the job, the treatments seemed to only make him worse.

So I took a few days break of any treatments and then tried one last method, a salt bath. Following the salt bath I left him in his aquarium with the lights off, no food, and even a towel draped over the tank with  0 medications. After a while I saw that his overall health was doing a lot better and soon followed his fins started growing back. The salt bath is what killed of the bacteria for me, so I would try that. Just make sure that after the salt bath you put him in his tank with the lights of, 0 MEDICATIONS IN THE WATER, especially salt. Leave him for 4-7 days with no food.

Heres a video I did of how I did my bettas salt bath:


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