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Greetings from Quebec!

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Hello everyone and thanks Cory for creating this platform.

I'm new to fish keeping, I've started my first tank 3 months ago and I've just finished aquascaping my third one last week. I really enjoy this hobby so far and I'm already thinking about getting another tank soon.

In my first tank (Fluval Vista 23 gallons) I had 2 Paradise Gourami, 3 Blue eyes Rainbowfish and 3 Otos. Unfortunately, the 2 Gourami had a disease and they passed away earlier this month. I only have 1 Blue eyes rainbowfish and 2 Otos left. I might restock the tank with either a couple of Apisto or a couple of Ram and probably add more rainbow if I'm able to find some (They are pretty rare in Quebec right now)


My second tank is the Fluval Flex 15 gallons. It is stock with 4 Guppies and 6 Rummy nose Tetra.

And this is my latest tank it's only a 10 gallons and I'm planning to add 2 Pea Puffer once the cycle will be completed.



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