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Help with my green neon tetra

Karen B.

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I bought 14 green neon tetra. They were in quarantine 2 weeks in a 10 gallons (with some Chili Rasbora) right by my couch - they got so used to me they were no longer shy or hiding.

After quarantine, I moved them in a 15 gallons with 10 Chili Rasbora and 3 clown killifish. Everyone was thriving, swimming around, using the whole space.

Then my Chili started staying only at the top right corner, even if no fish were harassing them. I moved them to my 20 gallons with a honey gourami and 7 false julii cory and they are back to thriving.

My green neon tetra now won’t come out of hiding. Ever. They may have been scared by the fishnet but it’s been over 2 weeks now and they still won’t come out. Even when there is food, not a single one will come out to eat.

I was wondering what should I do? Is it because they are no longer with other ditter fish?
Should I move them to my 20 gallons but in which case will I be overstocked (2 honey gourami, 10 chili rasboras, 14 green neon tetra, 7 false julii cory and 4 snails)?

Tank parameters are :


planted, heated at 75-76.

pH 7.4, gh 8, kh 4

It’s a fluval flex and I added a sponge filter.





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54 minutes ago, KBOzzie59 said:

I don't think that would be over-stocked in the 20 especially if those are live plants (they look like it).  Yep I'd do that.

That’s the 15 gallons in which the tetra are.

here is my 20 gallons (but yes, all real plants)


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You could put them in the larger tank (I also don’t think that it would be over stocked) or you can add more  to the current aquarium ( more green neons with  additional school of similar fish.) I think currently they may need more fish to make them comfortable again.

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