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Thoughts A Male Honey Gourami and A Male Betta


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I am thinking about moving my male half-moon betta to a 20 gallon H community tank. The tank is planted with hiding spaces, objects to break-up the line of sight, and I have a betta log. It currently have 6 panda corydoras, 8 rummy nose tetras, 1 male honey gourami, and a nerite snail.  In my limited experience with honey gouramis, they have been peaceful with all my other fish, but I have never kept them with a betta. The long fins of the betta makes him relatively slow. I want your thoughts or to if anyone has ever tried this combination before I tried it.

My back-up plan is to put the betta back in the 5-gallon. Trying to avoid a mess the moment the betta goes in the aquarium. 


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