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Slow Cycle Advice


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I’ve been out of aquarium hobby for about 5 years. I had several bare bottom tanks 200 gallon range so I understand cycling. 

I've never had planted aquarium so I’m trying one seems simple. but I can’t get my ammonia to raise I’m over feeding 6 glow tetras my son picked out and about 30 snails algae wafers  he LOVES invertebrates. 

Aquariums 2-3 weeks old, I have ton of light on it atm 2 reef leds,  6500 Amazon light. I dose prime everyday since started regardless of ammonia nitrite nitrate I don’t want spike kill my sons fish and primes cheap and safe. I also have co2 drop a second yeast way seem best no regulator to fail change every 7 days cost 2 bucks.

so all my levels basically 0 I haven’t changed water in 5ish days. Should I start raising ammonia with drops? And dose prime so stays safe? Idk  kinda lost never had problem like this bare bottom tanks raunchus and pearlscals.  Maybe all the plants I got I poured water and plant hoping add good bugs that’s risky I know. 

Only guess I have cycle started I missed it somehow. Some picture I spend about 100$ on plants from coop got all eles I needed I really like that guy on you tube. Not sure he’s name but I watch all he’s videos very practical guy.


I also use stability everyday and 6 bags CaribSea Eco-Complete 20-Pound Planted Aquarium, Black that might have started my cycle it has bugs in it I think I just read it’s best and I like look.





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2 - 3 weeks old and no nitrates.  I'd say the cycle has not completed.  Plants can consume ammonia so a planted tank generally takes longer to cycle. If you do decide to dose ammonia do not directly add ammonia to the tank!  Pre mix it to the PPM you want then add it to the tank.  Personally with livestock in the tank I would not do this.  What I would do keep over feeding and monitor for ammonia daily.  I notice there is not a bottle of fertilizer in the pics.  I'd dose some ferts to help feed the plants (especially if you are adding CO2).  Adding CO2 causes the plants to consume more nutrients.  I never add CO2 to a tank that has not fully cycled (unless it's meant to be a plant only tank).  

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I dosed prime along time ago I think it safe I’ve had thousands fish over decades I’m 44, just not plants. I think me using co2 and fertilizer and stability is giving me extremely slow cycle. But that’s good that means I can just treat it like it’s cycled and do quick test everyday.

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