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New from Minnesota

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I appreciate all the positive comments. The top tank with the mop floating has been really successful for me, lot's of crypts that have taken over, some Kamaka's I occasionally breed and super red bristlenose plecos constantly breeding. The townhouse has some challenges I have had to make work with:

  • Determine what tanks/weight I am comfortable with on the second floor. I found this to be an educational article: http://www.african-cichlid.com/Structure.htm
  • Humidity: everything has to have pretty tight lids, so I use the twin wall polycarbonate panels. I also bought roll of clear PVC table protector (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07SR8PR66/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1). I have cutting small pieces of this to use for small holes and edges that need covered. For example I have traditional glass tops on a tank that I used to use a HOB filter, I no longer use the HOB, but have the big cut in the plastic. So I cut a portion of this to cover that hole.
  • Power is a challenge since every tank uses a heater. Like many people I started off using HOB's, but have moved away from them, except where I am wanting the water flow. As I have really focused on sponge, and recently started including some box filters, I have had to figure out how to maximize air. I originally had some of the tetra whispers, but I am trying to get away from them. I like the Aquatop AP-100 since you had the two outlets, I also use a Hydrofarm 4 outlet pump. I have one of the Co-Op's USB nano pumps and I am interested in using more of those.
  • Tank stocking is a constant juggle. I like breeding, so I am often focused on having some mid/top water fish and some thing on the bottom. The 30 gallon tank with the ziss is my super red growout tank, and I now working on Miyuki white medaka rice fish up top.


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