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Also had to paint ceiling tiles so they looked appealing. Also used 2x6s for baseboard but had to mill them on a planer and stain and poly them. Then silicone the joint with the floor to create a watertight barrier in case of the eventual spillage or leak. 





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As to what is in the tanks, in the 55 I have a line of dumbo eared fancy guppies I’ve bred they’re in they’re third generation since I got them. Also a bushy nose pleco and a 5” yo-yo loach I’ve had forever (6 yrs). It’s a basic low tech planted tank with some duckweed Java fern, Anubias, and wisteria. Have some pond snails and red cherry shrimp in there now too. The yo-yo loach is like a lazy tomcat in that he’s too well fed to chase down the vermin.  

next is a 30 gallon cube with another strain of guppies and ghost shrimp and cherry shrimp a nerite snail. It’s planted with the Scarlet temple I purchased from Aquarium coop and pearl weed and kind of over grown with Westeros in the background. Again a low tech planted tank.

 The small ranch setup is 2 10 gallon tanks and 5 5 gallon tanks. The fives are currently housing  red cherry shrimp culls, blue cherry shrimp, and yellow cherry shrimp. They are also used as quarantine tanks when new fish are obtained. One ten houses a blue betta and some mystery snails which are breeding and the other ten houses some adult guppies that I selected to breed along with some black mystery snails that have also laid eggs and hatched. 

The first 40 gallon is setup with white sail fin mollies and some red wag swordtails( that I’m thinking I’m not in love with). I also have a recently acquired school of corydora metae that I’m hoping to breed. 
The bottom 40 has lists of Anachris and a ton of red cherry shrimp and a school of 10 neon tetra and 10 ember tetras. Again low tech planted tank.

the top 29 gallon with the jade looking stones houses my third group of guppies which are gold in color, along with red cherry shrimp wich need to be located as my yellow shrimp are going in  there one their population blooms. The tank has some wisteria, and about 6 sword plants, and duckweed growing prolificly. 
The bottom 29 is a dark water tank with driftwood and a school of corydoras that I’ve managed  to breed a couple times. 

The rack of 20 gallon tanks, thre in total are the newest addition and the top tank has 6 Bolivian rams, the middle tank has “Anton Basheer” my daughters Senegal bichir. The bottom is housing some guppies to keep it cycled for the moment. 

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I literally yelled "shut the front door!" when I saw the hoist/set up for moving the 800.  That is wild, and I'm glad it worked well without any (tank or people) casualties!  It's all very cool, especially that your family is involved and helping, and thank you for sharing!  

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