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Hello from someone arms deep in tank water


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Hello to everyone on the CARE forum my name is Matthew and I am 26. I have been in the fish keeping hobby "full time" for about a year and a half. Going so far as to getting a job at *big box pet retail* as their resident fish 'expert'. Before that however I have been keeping fish since I was ~9 years old. Unfortunately doing it the wrong way the whole time (goldfish and bettas in bowls no filter). Now to repent for my previous sins I buy betta fish and goldfish that come into my store and nurse them back to health as best I can.


At the current time I have six tanks. Unfortunately I only have a few photos of my current setups.

1x 50g Fancy goldfish Aquarium


3x 5g Betta Fish Aquariums

1x 10g White Cloud Tank


1x 10g Tropical Fish Tank


I am eager to learn especially with aquarium plants, looking forward to getting to know everyone, and sharing our growth in the hobby together!

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Welcome. I am sure most of us had some awful fish sins from the past too.  I had two kissing gouramis for over a decade that I would only water change once a year, because well thats what the guy at the pet store told us to do when I was a kid in the 80s.  I am sure your fish now though love the great care that you are giving them. 

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