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Today I went to my LFS to pick up some Otos to help with the algae in this tank . While there, this plant caught my eye. It is attached to the piece of driftwood underneath it. It was the only in the tank and the girl at the store didn’t know what kind of plant it was. At first I was thinking maybe a Buce? After getting it home and checking it out, it appears it isn’t glued on. Rather there is a whole in the wood that has the plant tucked in along with some white filter fiber. Can anyone help me out so I know how to take care of it? Should it been planted into the substrate or is it fine on the driftwood? Also the green is very pale compared to my other plants. Is this normal for this type of plant or does it look like it has some type of deficiency?


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1 hour ago, Daydreamer311 said:

After looking up images on google, I definitely think that could be what it is. I’m reading that it should be immersed in substrate. But I’ve also read it could be attached to driftwood. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Do you think it will survive/thrive on the driftwood it came with? 

I've never grown it so I can't advise you. But I have read it can be a difficult plant. But try it and see, you might grow very well in your set up.

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