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Overhead sump build for my kids goldfish

Rachel Y

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After a scary 4 hour power outage and subsequent fear of a cycle crash...(which didn’t happen, thank god!) I decided that an overhead sump would allow me to:

1: Grow pothos out of the aquarium without the goldfish tearing at the roots.

2: Cool the 125 tank off for the fish as it retains heat too much.(76 deg)

3: Have biological filtration that won’t die due to lack of oxygen like my canisters would. (Sponge filter got EATEN by Leo my Son’s giant oranda... he’s pretty but sooo dumb)

4: It’ll look so pretty for my kids and I can explain how the plants clean the water for their fish.

I used a plastic planter box and some wood. Used a return spout hooked to a pump to get the water into the sump and a 1 inch bulkhead for the overflow. All I need now is some red lava rock to fill it and I can “plant” the pothos! I am also planning on hanging a light above it to supercharge the nitrate uptake. The rack is just 2x4s and some welded wire fence.

P.S. Don’t hate on me for the saltwater stickers! Only ones I could find and my kids don’t know the difference. 🤣

UPDATE! See how big the pothos got!






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I used the cobalt aquatics in line pump. It’s the only one that sits nicely flat against the back. You just put on a strainer and intake sponge on one end and it pumps about 210 gph. I’m going to put the media from the canisters in the sump and use the canisters mostly for flow and mechanical filtration. I have two penn-plax cascade 1200 filters under the tank. Still need to do 35% water change twice a week. Those goldfish can EAT. And they beg so well. 😅

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