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Hey y’all from Atlanta, GA!

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Hello everyone! I’ve got a 20 and a 29 gallon tank. My fish are blue and gold gouramis, white skirt tetras, red minor tetras, kuhli loaches, snails, a bristle nose pleco, a breeding bunch of platies, an assortment of danios along with a jungle assortment of live plants.

2021 will be year 2 of being a novice aquarist. The last time I was into aquariums I was in my late teens early twenties. Hurricane Hugo came along and killled all my fish and I got out of it for decades. Now I’m back in and glad to do so!

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Welcome to the forum, and back to the hobby! If you've never tried collecting north american fish, there are plenty of interesting and attractive species available in your area. If you're not familiar with them, you should try looking up blue fin killifish, pygmy sunfish, darters, and least killifish. I have a tank with these natives that I got from someone in Georgia, and there are all terrific fish!

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