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Terrance’s Aquarium Journal

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My name is Terrance but on here I’ve been going by Beardedbillygoat. I got my first tank at 11 it was a red eared slider and well my Mom could not deal with the feeder fish the LFS told her we needed to buy the turtle so he/she was returned and we got the 55 g and fancy gold fish black moors, ranchu and think there were a couple comets.

Then we had a move and casualties and I ended up with koi - grew them from 1” to 12” in about 18 months and they got sold to a guy who was super stoaked as they were gorgeous - there were great Asian goldfish farms in Southern California where I grew up and they hooked us up with the buyer who had a gorgeous pond for them.

I used the proceeds to grab 20 Mbuna I kept through high school and then was out of the hobby until age  27 when I got a 46 g bowfront with rainbows - praecox, boesmani, and Millenium reds along with bolivian rams and salt and pepper corys. Had another 55 with Mbuna.

Those tanks went to a friend as I was living in Baltimore and moved to Oregon. I had tanks for shellies, platys, Brichardi and rainbows. I then moved and met my wife who was anti-fish tank - her brother had tanks and they “stank” as he did not do his maintenance.

Well fast forward Jan 2020 and for My birthday she bought a Fluval Flex and well MTS hit hard - now have the Flex 15 (cherry shrimp and pseudomeugil luminatus), Fluval EBI (3 Amanos, 8 blue dream shrimp, 2 Japanese blue Endler males), 45 g high (festivum, black phantoms, cherry barbs, green neons, bronze corys, LF bn and calico pleco), 11 g bowl (nicknamed the sad bowl per wife, only plants and rams horn snails at present), both kids have tanks 10 g shellies tank with 4 similis and a female blue Hawaiian Moscow guppy, 20 H guppy tank (platinum galaxy tigers), and breeding projects in the garage with 2 - 5 g Endler colonies ( J-blue and Black Bar) and a 50 g tub with 5 Medaka Platinum white rice fish, white cloud minnows and blue dream shrimp.

Also have a 30 g tote running as hospital qt tank with a regular pleco rescued froM a neighbor and 2 zebra danios.








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