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Best Place for Thai Oranda

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So, I have fell in love with Thai Orandas and I want to start my next breeding project with them, but I was curious as to a couple of things. 

1) Where is the best place to find them online?

2) Is it better to buy really nice male and females that are 4-5 inches+? If so how many, a trio?

3) Or is it better to buy them young in a fry pack of 10 or so and raise them up?

Any other suggestions will be more than welcome! Thank you!

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Hmm, well we are not really allowed to discuss other sellers here with the exception of ebay and aquabid, nor am I really up on any great places to buy orandas. But I do think that goldfish fry change their appearance quite a bit, so getting good quality breeders might be easier to do by getting adults.

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If you buy healthy adults you'll have less risk of getting a fish with swim bladder issues or wen issues. If you buy younger fish you'll likely run into both issues with at least some of the young fish as they mature. Overgrown wens blocking the eyes and requiring surgery is not too uncommon in orandas and swim bladder disease is very common.

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