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Week Two Update -New fish and Plant Growth

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I’ve had my 75g set up for two weeks as of yesterday. 

Most everything is growing well. I think the Pearl weed on the very bottom is struggling and needs more light. The background stem plants have 1”-2” growth but the Lower section of Bacopa is melting or something. 

Stocking: started with pre cycled media

Day two: I added six Cherry Barbs and two Guppies. 
Day seven: 14 wild type Cherry Shrimp     
Day ten: two jumbo Amano Shrimp.             
Day 12: three jumbo Amano Shrimp, four Otocinclus and three guppies.                    

The Cherry shrimp started breeding behavior right away and I’m surprised and delighted to have fry in the tank! I think five have a good chance of survival. 





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Oh wow, it looks so compact I thought it was a crypt 😂 trimming it definitely keeps it short, anytime I have trimmed a dwarf aquarium lilly or a red tiger lotus, it takes a long time for them to reach the surface again. I am not sure about the actual leaf size though. Either way that red tiger lotus is a beauty! 

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