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29 gallon stocking


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I have ordered a 29 gallon acrylic aquarium. I definitely am going to dirt it and plant it. I have a piece of driftwood about 10 inches high by about 12 inches across with 5 branches that I am going to turn into a tree using Anubias Nana Petite. I also have several pieces of granite that I'm currently using in my 20 high. I also have an 8x8x2 red stone. All came from a beach and have been boiled. 

For stocking I plan on the following:

20 Neon Tetras
02 Bristlenose Plecos 
02 Reticulated Hillstream Loachs
04 Kuhli Loachs
06 Sterbai Corydoras
03 Electric Blue Acaras

Thoughts please?

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I have a few concerns with your stocking plans

  •  I feel like the electric blue acaras may find the neon tetras as snacks. If you want a simillar looking fish I would go with Cardinal Tetras. I also may wanna dwindle the number of the acaras to one in a 29 gallon.
  • And 2 Birstlenose Plecos in a 29 seems like too much to me, I would also just do one pleco.

Other then that everything looks great!

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Way over stocked for a 29. Way way over stocked. I'd drop the two bn pleco and both hillstream loachs (which btw dont' belong in this tank to begin with - they require a good current and clean water and generally a cooler temp). I'd replace the electric blue acara with bolivian rams or a smaller dwarf cichlid. If you go with rams you want either 3 males or a pair.


You could consider adding 8 otto and you could consider replace the 6 sterbai with 12 pygmy cory.

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I have a 29 gallon and this seems overstocked to me. I do think 2 bristlenoses is too much, I think you can maybe fit one blue acara but no more. Hill stream loaches weren’t compatible with these fish when I was researching them which is a shame because they are so neat!!!

also I have a smaller species of corydora for my tank ... I’d go with something the size of a panda Cory or smaller. Sterbai would be fine in the tank but they are on the heftier side for a corydora!


Kuhli loaches would be great, though. Not sure about the neon tetras. 20 seems like a lot to go with everything else you want. Maybe start with 12?

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