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I appreciate more and more when Cory suggests “leave them alone” and “sometimes don’t do anything” as a solution to various fish situations. Obviously, as he always qualifies, there’s a time to treat in earnest and do a lot of maintenance! But... by way of illustration... we just returned from a two-week vacation. A grade school friend was invited to “feed fish if you’re able” once a day (she did great). But everything else went on hold.

We arrive home after vacation to loads of Killifish eggs hatched (Fundulopanchax Scheeli), Dwarf Gourami Fry (hard to see), and a handful of Goodeid fry (Xenotoca Doadrioi)

Killifish Fry After Vacation... 

Dwarf Gourami Fry After Vacation... (watch closely along back and surface)

Goodeid Fry After Vacation...


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37 minutes ago, Brandy said:

Is this like the old adage "a watched fish never breeds"?

Maybe so! I've got this strange 6th sense telling me that our Okefenokee Pygmy Sunfish have teeny tiny fry hiding away in their tank . . . but nothing confirmed yet. I really wish our F1 Apistogramma Urtegai would pair off . . . but that's a long wait for a train don't come . . .

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