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Cloudy water


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Ive recently been dealing with a very bad cloudy water situation. Almost to the point that you cant even see in the tank. Ive been doing weekly water changes and my water parameters are perfect. No ammonia nitrate or nitrite. Im almost certain my fish are all still alive and well and ive also been using filter floss and water clarifier but still no results. Not to metion the tank gas been setup for going on two years now. Anyone got any ideas?

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  • Green milky: Algae bloom, and a UV light may be the quickest solution.
  • White milky, no chunks: Bacteria bloom, it's possible your water changes are prolonging the issue. This is usually caused when there is a disruption to the bacteria in your tank and they need to produce a lot more of themselves quickly. In my case it was caused by removing one of the filters. No real solution beyond waiting and letting the bacteria do its thing, I try to make sure the fish have plenty of aeration and water quality is monitored.
  • Chunky white milk: Filtration issues, your filter floss should help with this.

This is just my off-the-top-of-my-head summary of what Cory's videos and other online sources covered. 

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