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My Albino Cory's hatched babies!!

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Just now, Isaac M said:

Awesome @MichelleMichelle! Is the amazon sword planted in a wabi kusa substrate ball? Hold old are the cory fry? 

Yes, I just picked up that sword.  And the cory fry are about a week old now. I'm so excited they are so cute.  I'll move them to the big tank when they get bigger. I was so afraid the mom and dad would eat them..

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45 minutes ago, Isaac M said:

@MichelleMichelle that is interesting, it is almost like the sword is potted but with a ball of nutrients! Haha and that is so cool! I am currently trying to get my sterbai corys to breed, I hope I have some cory fry like you soon! What did you do to get them to breed? 

Absolutely nothing.  The tank they are in has a lot of algae and plants and I do few water changes.  It's a very stable tank.  There are only a few snails and a few shrimp in with them.  I moved the adults into my new 29 gallon that finally cycled.  I hope they keep breeding.  

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