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New Hobbyist! 29 Gallon Planted Tank

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Just a quick video of the tank that makes me really happy. I got some cheap 'fake' decor for the fish and snails to hide in while the plants grow out. I hope to remove them (at least the fake rock cave on the left) and let the plants speak for themselves as they grow out. 🥰 I had no real 'plan' in mind, I just picked plants that made me happy and tried them out. What works will work, what doesn't will teach me to try a different strategy in the future. I can always change the scape later!

Current residents are:

6 Juvenile Diamond Tetra
6 Juvenile Corydora Elegans
2 Nerite Snails (1 tiger 1 zebra)
1 Golden Mystery Snail
Bladder Snail Hitchikers

Tons of Plants!!!!!!! All the plants!!! The crypt tropicas in the middle are my favortes, followed by the dwarf aquarium lily that's sprouted very well and hiding in the back right corner. My water sprite is already a monster.

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Hi @laritheloud, great looking aquarium! I love the stocking and plant selection. Even more I love the attitude, not being afraid and seeing everything as an opportunity to learn is so important in life in general! The crypt tropica looks so good, it is so compact and perfect, I imagine it would look almost like a rose if viewed from above haha if you think the water sprite is a monster, just wait until that dwarf aquarium lilly takes off! 😂

Thank you for sharing! 

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https://streamable.com/0qtnuz Update from today, full stocking now

1 thicklipped gourami (female)
3 honey gouramis
6 Diamond Tetras + 3 fry that made it to juvenile-hood and have become 9
2 mystery snails
6 amano shrimp
4 nerite snails

The male honey just cleared quarantine and seems to be establishing his place in the pecking order. Keeping an eye on them all.

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