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Male sailfin having white/red ick on fin


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Hi!  My big sailfin molly has had this white splotch on his sail fin, not letting him completely open his majestic sail. Until a few days ago it turned red, and now I'm getting worried. He had this on him when I got him, an I really need advice on how to get rid of it or what it is. I got help from Petco and they said add Maracyn, so I've done that. Anything would help. I think it's a fungal disease, but I'm not sure. Thanks!



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If maracyn hasn't worked I would Qarantine up the salt to 1 table spoon for 1 gallon that should sort the fungal infection and treat with maracyn2 or kanaplex for bacterial infection as it could be a gram negative bacterial infection

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5 hours ago, alLykaT66 said:

Hello again! I have an update (since 2 weeks ago ) on my sailfin. His fungi had been growing and i still have him in quarantine, and need some other help than the Maracyn. Can you help?




as salt has not worked I would treat with API fungus cure and it also treats secondary bacterial infection 

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