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Where do you get your Daphnia culture from?


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14 hours ago, Jeff said:

Now that I feed live baby brine shrimp on the reg, I want to add another live food to the rotation.

Any suggestions on reputable places of where you get good Daphnia cultures from?

I don't have experience with daphnia, but I will say that I've found microworms to be a really easy live food culture. I use actual peeled, boiled, and then mashed potatoes (instead of the box mix) and find I can often go months between it smelling and having to change the potato culture media. Super easy, way more than bbs.

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Usually just about any standing body of water that doesn't have fish in it, will produce Daphnia. Here is a ditch by my house:


It is dry now, but when it fills with water, it fills with Daphnia. Think about where you find tadpoles. Usually there are Daphnia wherever there are tadpoles. The key is standing water but no fish.

My mosquito larva buckets eventually get Daphnia in them. I think the Daphnia cysts blow in on the wind just like yeast.

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