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Different flavor of algae

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Hey all.  Several months ago this forum helped me with my algae troubles.  After lowering my light (fluval screenshot attached)  my algae was much more under control.  But now a few months later it appears I'm dealing with a different looking algae.  It's black, and you can see it on the surfaces of the plants as well as the substrate.  It's really covered the anubias and water sprite.  Any suggestions?  Could there still be too much light?  It doesn't look appealing and I feel like it's hindering the plant growth. 


Bonus question:  One of the images is of my crypt.  It has grown great (tall) in the 5-ish months I've had it, but I've noticed it has thinned out and is not as bushy.  Any idea why?  More root tabs?











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