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The water parameters are as follows:

Nitrate: 20

Nitrite: 0

GH: 150 (usual)

Chlorine: 0

KH: 80 (usual)

pH 7.8/8.0 (usual)

Temp: 72 - I just realized this and am raising the temperature to 80

This is my brother's fish who I knew had been struggling for a month or two, but I just saw recently how badly he's doing. His tail is usually a half-moon shape, so I think that he's had some serious fin rot. Can someone help diagnose and advise? His coloration is quite faded from when we got him, especially on his tail and near his head. The heater was displaying an incorrect temperature, so I just realized he's been a little chilly for a while and I'm raising the temperature now. I think this guy is going to need a bit more than warm waters to recover, however. Is there a recommended course of action? Many thanks for any advice!


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Looks like fin rot I would increase water changes and treat with aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 2 gallons remember if you do a water change only add the salt back in that you take out  if you do 2 gallon water change add 1 table spoon back in if have live plants I would treat with maracyn

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