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29 minutes ago, Austin Raabe said:

While walking in the Palm River subdivision in Naples Florida, I saw a bunch of pink stuff along the road.  At first I thought is was discarded waste insulation but upon a closer look it appears to be snail eggs (snails were visible in the water).  What do you think?



These are mystery snail eggs! They lay eggs out of the water. You could actually pull them and hatch them yourself as well! 

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Those are definitely Apple Snail eggs.  We have them all over in the New Orleans area.  They are an invasive species and will eat every piece of vegetation  they come across, which in turn causes algae blooms.  We are told that if we ever see a cluster of Apple Snail eggs, to knock them in the water and they will not hatch.  I'm pretty certain that Florida would recommend the same thing.

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