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Air pumps that work both on AC AND battery?

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So I live in an area where we get some power outages due to PG&E Power cutoffs for fire prevention (gotta love those California wildfires and windstorms)  As my house hasn't gotten a backup generator for the electrical system yet, does anyone know if any air pumps are made to run off of AC initially, charge it's own battery, and then can run on battery backup while the power is out?  It seems every single one I've seen listed will only turn on once the power is out, and I'd rather not have to run around switching air hoses if there's no power for only an hour,  or worse, when I'm not home. 

I'm debating on using the USB powered ones, plugging them into a power-bank, while having the power-bank plugged into a USB charger at the same time, I just assume it will kill the power-banks over time.  I would assume this would work since I figure I would run my laptops with the cord plugged in constantly, only unplugging when I needed to move them into the other room.   More importantly, why haven't (more) companies made a dual-powered one such as what I've described, as I'm sure many people would want one just in case.

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Buy a USB battery pack and you are all set.


[quote]why haven't (more) companies made a dual-powered one such as what I've described,[/quote]

Or google "AC/DC Battery Operated Aquarium Air Pump"

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While talking about USB air pumps.  What I like to do with mine.   I plug them into one of those battery back ups, that doesn’t run as long as it is charging itself....  once my power goes out and electricity is off to the charger it turns one my USB pump.  Hopefully I will never need them long term, but better safe than sorry.   

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