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One or two lights on a 60” tank

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Hello I’m currently setting up a 120 gallon tank which I intend to have live plants in. My question is I am looking at the fluval planted 3.0 lights and was wondering if the 48-60” light they offer would cover the tank well enough or should I consider 2 30” lights? The tank is 26” tall and is a fairly deep tank as well. Any advice would be great!

Thanks Justin 

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What I generally do or what I would do in this situation.

Scenario 1.  Two 30" lights.  This gives me the option to vary the light intensity between ends if desired.

Scenario 7.  3 or 4 lights, a single 30 and 2 or 3 of the Fluval nano's on the other end.  This give even more flexibility with intensity from one end to the other.

Here are the setting on my 60 gallon wide screen, it's 24 inches tall.

 This is the 3.0



This is the Nano



And this is how it looks


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