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Freshwater vs Marine aquarium salt?


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I was watching a video the other day and @Cory added marine aquarium salt to one of his tanks. He stated he was addi g it primarily for the minerals present in marine salt rather than for salinity. 

My water has basically no minerals in it out of the tap. Would marine salt be feasible for adding minerals in with water changes?

Is there any reason you can't use Marine salt to treat fish like you would freshwater salt?

What other ways do you people recommend for adding minerals to my water?

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I did some testing about 10 years ago now, and found it very beneficial to run about 1 teaspoon of marine salt per 20 gallons of water when doing 50% water changes. I never finished my testing to figure out a formula that would work well for lots of different types of water parameters and such, but you might use that as a starting point. 

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