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What do you think of my potential line-up for my 75 gallon tank?


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Hi all,

What do you think of my potential line up of fish for my 75 gallon? Here is what I was thinking:

4-8 congo tetra 

4 siamese algae eaters 

2 dojo loaches (clean up crew)

My showpiece would be 2-3 rope fish


What do you guys think of my plan? Maybe since the rope fish are probably going to be hidden amongst the eventual rocks and plants I will get, maybe I can throw in an apisto for a day time show piece 


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7 minutes ago, lefty o said:

i dont know much about rope fish, but i feel the sae's might out compete them for food.

I did not realize that siamese algae eaters were omnivorous. I wanted an algae eater that couldn't be accidentally eaten by the rope fish. I don't mind target feeding the rope fish though

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