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Hello from West Texas!


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I'm a novice fish keeper in Lubbock, Texas.  

I keep a 10 gallon aquarium in my office that I depopulated of all fish except for 4 otocinclus, 3 fresh water limpets, and a thundering herd of bloody mary shrimp just before COVID.  Before that I kept livebearers and I'm really glad I gave them away before I got sent home for almost a year.  My colleague did an awesome job of keeping the aquarium fed and water topped off while I was gone.  I did manage to do three water changes over the course of the year.  Now I'm back in the office and getting my tank back in shape.  It is fairly heavily infested with string algae and was full of vallisenara.  I have replanted with crypts and swords and added a few cardinal tetras.  I'm excited to have my aquarium again and feel like I can be part of this forum!


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