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Tank Leak Anxiety


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My only experience was a slow, and I mean VERY slow process.  Soo slow, that I blamed the spilt water on everything and anything EXCEPT a leak.

My 55 tall sits on a dark oak table, and one day I noticed some "dampness" on the table.  I called that "condensation".  So, I turned down the house thermostat.

A week or two later, there was an obvious little puddle on the table.  A couple days prior to this,  I had covered a small open area with aluminum foil.  I called that "rain" dripping down from the foil.  So, I ripped that damn foil off.

Another week later, I realized that I had been having to top off the tank almost everyday.  I called that "evaporation".  So, I covered the entire top (with foil).  And turned down the house thermostat.

Eventually you run out of excuses for vanishing water and you realize that that oak table could easily handle a brand new 120.

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