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What is your fishes' weird behavior?


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Hey everybody!

Over the years, I have found some fish act abnormally to their common descriptions. For me, I have had friendly bettas to devil guppies. I wanted to make this post to show my puffer's latest hobby and hear other people's experiences/ stories. Bob the schoutedeni puffer is a semi aggressive fish. When he first came home with me, he did not bother the plants nor the other fish. Now days he's a pair of scissors in the water, cutting plants like a gardener with an over grown shrub. The weird thing is, he only snips plants that are either crypts or vals, he leaves all other plants alone. You can see him being proud of his leaf mess. I know the red plant isn't a crypt or val, the pleco managed to uproot it. 

Please share your stories of funny behavior from your fish, I would love to hear them! 



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Oh man. I've been keeping fish as an adult for less than a year but I can already tell you stories.

Had a giant orange female platy (which may have been a female swordtail, she was at least 2.5" long) dubbed "Bad B****" from the Nicki Minaj song, and she ruled the roost. She'd lurk in the background, didn't much care for any surface food, but sinking wafers were HERS, all of them, and she'd rush, mouth open, at any other fish coming near any wafers she could see. She grew more reclusive and ate less until she finally succumbed to her meanness a couple months ago. RIP, Bad B****.

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