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Today's fish story


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I figure this is the right place for a random story.


I was cleaning out my HOB today and found 4 shrimp in there trying to weave in and out of the coarse sponge.  2 of them were juviniles and I just dropped them back in the tank.  the other two were tiny babies that i didn't notice until they fell into my sink.  they were too small to scoop up in a spoon so I had to carefully give them something to hold onto and then tap them into a spoon.  after a lot of trial and error I finally got the first one safely in my spoon and set it free in my tank!  I watched it swim away only to get sucked up by a guppy 3 seconds later. 😲 I learned my lesson and released the second tiny baby shrimp into my floating plants.


I feel like i went from a dozen shrimp that I never see to a carpet over run by shrimp in a few weeks.  In any case, I have enough now so I'm not too sad but for whatever reason I was really not expecting that shrimp to get spotted and eaten so fast.

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