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Pleco safe plants

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I am going to redo my 55 and I was shopping for plants and I’ve noticed some say that plecos are likely to eat the leaves so I want to know what I could put the tank has 2 large co-op sponge filters and is kept at 86 degrees everything else is change able this is the stocking 

2(I might be getting a 3rd) 

1 angelfish 

1 rope fish 

1 hill stream loach 

also for the plants you recommend what light and substrate would you recommend 


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My bristlenose plecos do occasionally munch holes in my sword plants, but I don’t really mind and the plants don’t either. You can see some of the holes in this picture.


My anubias are all totally fine.

Of course if you have a common pleco, it will eventually get so big that it could probably eat a good chunk of a leaf in one bite. But your plants will be fine for a good while at least!

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I've always assumed that the pleco in the picture is another common pleco.  This is the only one I've had that actually ate the algae off of the plants.  It never damaged the leaves, but would occasionally break or uproot the smaller more fragile plants while foraging.  I guess it helps that along with the occasional wafer or veggie snack, all of my plecos have learned to feed off the surface with the other fish at feeding time, .

PLECO (2).jpg

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