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Does my female gourami have a skin condition or is she getting beat up?


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Hello friends,

My female gourami (garganzola) does not appear to be living her best life. She has some marks on her head and side. I tried to get as close and as clear as physically possible of the marks but this girl does not stop moving. 

Part of that is because my male gourami (garbanzo) seems to chase her around constantly (AND he is a huge attention hog, so when he noticed I was snapping her pictures, he said "move". Ok I may he anthropomorphizing a touch).

Anyway she's got these marks on her and I am not sure what they are. Is it a fungus? Does she have a disease? Is she the victim of relentless attention from her live-in boyfriend? 

I know the chasing thing is just something he will do as a part of courtship or whatever. They have mated a couple of times. But if she is injured or ill then I would/should separate her and treat her in her own hospital tank.

I appreciate any feedback.





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I have a M/F pair of Pearl Gouramis, I noticed similar "damage" on the female typically from chase and bump incidents with hardscape.

What worked for me was picking up two more females, now the (1) male and (3) females shoal peacefully together, EXCEPT at feeding time, however with three females the male gets confused about which one to chase. :)

Other solutions, I've read about;

* rearrange the hardscape/plants then the male has to reestablish his territory

* put the male in your hospital tank for a "time out'

good luck!

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