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Chili Rasboras all staying in one corner

Karen B.

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I have 7-8 Chili Rasbora in my 15 gallons flex planted aquarium. They are housed with 14 green neon tetra, 3 clown killifish, 3 nerita and about 10 shrimps.

Temp is 75, pH 7.4, 0/0/20, gh 7 and kh 4.

They are most of the time gathered together in one corner of the tank, swimming in place. None of the other fishes seem to bully them.

In the picture, you can see them all in the top right corner where they stay most of the day. where there are no floating plants. The killifish are all over the place and the green neon prefers to swim in and around the plants on the left.



I was wondering if it’s a normal behavior for my Chili? Are they afraid of something? I have a 20 gallons with same parameters currently housing 1 honey gourami (soon to add a 2nd and 2-3 otocinclus). Should I move the Chili in that tank, and increase their number to 12 (but according to aquadvisor, I would be at 112% of capacity but still over 125% filtration capacity). I do 20-30% WC each week.

This is the 20 gallons. 


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