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Baby Fahaka Puffer and the Med Trio from the Co Op


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Hello everyone,

This will be my first post on the forums.  I have become a rabid fan of Aquarium Co-Op over the last year and wanted to start using the forum as a resource to be a better hobbyist.

I recently purchased a baby Fahaka puffer (inch or less long) and have him in a 10 gallon tank with water from his permanent home a cycled 125.  My question is I purchased the med trio from the Co-Op that was delivered today and wanted to run him through the medications to hopefully give him the best shot at a healthy life with me.  I've been reading quite a bit on Fahakas and read in a couple of places a suggestion to reduce the standard dose of medications because puffers don't have scales.  Is there any truth in this? 

A little additional info on the puffer.  Currently Micro Puff (place holder name till I decide on one) has been eating really well. So far blood worms have been a success, brine shrimp not so much.  I have a colony of ramshorn snails reproducing quite nicely for him to move to once the babies start reaching an edible size.  No signs of a sunken belly, and he is quite active throughout the day.  Attached a picture of him pooping. Not sure if I am alarmed or impressed.


I appreciate any feed back given.  Thanks everyone!


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Just for confirmation for the millionth time...Med trio for new healthy fish.... Only need to give the first dose of each unless they present with illness correct? Full course is unnecessary if healthy?


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