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Internal Bleeding Guppy


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Recently back in the fish hobby after 20 year hiatus.

Came home to tequila sunrise female guppy laying dead on a sword plant - looks to be internal bleeding. She appeared to be ready to give birth in previous days. Had her for 9 months. Was treated a month prior with a male guppy for mild fin rot (quarantine trio). No signs of discoloration before I found her today. No issues with the other guppy, 2 neons, cory and oto in same aquarium. Feeding extreme krill flake and frozen brine shrimp. Should I treat/medicate the other fish? 

10gal aquarium. Heavily planted (water sprite, java fern, red melon sword). pH 7.5 Nitrate 5  Nitrite 0  Amm 0  kH 3  Gh 180



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Normally I would say yes, mystery deaths would be good to treat, but in this case I suspect she had some internal complication due to pregnacy. I expect it would be uncommon in guppies, but just as internal defects can happen in other species presumably they can happen in guppies. I would watch the tank closely, keep up on water changes, and wait to treat until (if) I see some further symptoms.

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