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Flowerhorn skin issues


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Our flowerhorn recently developed skin issues on his hump/kok.  It started out as partial shrink in his hump then these white things started developing on one side and then it's on both sides now. It's been day three since we added aquarium salt but there has been more white stuff developing on his hump. Should we try maracyn next or increase the amount of salt? Has anyone experienced this before? He still has a healthy diet and is active as before. We have had him in the current tank for at least four months. No changes to the tank. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you! 




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Just now, Colu said:

What are your water parameters  I can't tell off the pictures does the white stuff have a cotton wool like appearance

It's a cycled tank. No ammonia or nitrite. Nitrate is under 40ppm. We change water weekly and it's the only fish in the tank. It does look like cotton wool but have very short white strands coming out as well. 

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