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Greetings and tank plans


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Hey everybody I'm Zack. At present I don't have any tanks running but I do have plans to put together a hill stream river tank. I have already purchased the tank a 40 breeder at a petco $1/gal sale. I will be putting a river manifold in it to help with thedirectio al flow of the water. As far as filtration goes I know I will have a canister filter probably either a fluval 7 series or a sunsun filter from Amazon, I haven't yet decided if I want to try and do any anoxic filtration with a plenum and biostenosis baskets in the canister or if I want to stay more traditional and try the biohome ultimate filter media. I do plan on having live plants anubias sp. and java fern are all I've really come up with at this point that would do well in this kind of river rock and drift wood hard scaped tank suggestions are welcome. As far as lights I will be going with the fluval 36 inch plant light. For fish there will obviously be various hillstream loaches; I have also looked into some of the freshwater dwarf gobies such as the stiphodon sp. for higher up in the water column I am thinking white cloud minnows and pearl danios I would like to do some sort of invertebrate but besides bamboo shrimp idk what would do well in this type of cool water high flow high oxygen environment. Please let me know what you think I would love to hear your ideas on plants fish/invertrates and what I should feed them I'd also like to know the best way to encourage the algae and aufwuchs to grow on the rocks but not take over the tank.

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