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Is it too late?


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I have this angelfish with some kind of parasitic infection. I think it could be hextemia from the small signs of hole in the head. 

Right now hes lying on his side at the bottom of the tank. Hes progressing quite fast, yesterday he was swimming just fine and now idk if i has the strength to swim. I moved him to my hospital tank where i was going to start treatment.

The only parasitic infection treatment availble to me (live in Canada) is the fritz mardel parashield. Its quite expenive $30CAD.

I dont want to spend the money if it wont work, do you think its too late? Do you think he'll die? Im surprised he survived the night😪.20210415_122452.jpg.d3ecd15b8a6d825117159b51b881a21d.jpg20210415_122449.jpg.32a28b01499e230bbcda1d5ab8c0f3d9.jpg


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Might not help too much, but maybe try using a water conditioner with something like aloe vera in it if you aren't using it? Maybe also turn the heat up a bit to quicken the life cycle of the parasite, (if it ever exits the fish's body), similar to ich since (from what I've heard, no idea if it's correct) salt can't treat internal parasites, might be wrong though. Wikipedia has a pretty short article on it that mentions removing activated carbon as well. 

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Thanks everyone for the help!

Unfortantley I came home to him dead😞😪

He was one of the most personable fish I've ever had. What even sucks even more is that the two angles were showing some breeding activity (I think). There was multiple times it looked like they were looking for a place to lay their eggs.

The Community Tank looks so empty with just one angel, I'll be getting another one soon I guess...

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