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  So when I first got into the planted aquarium hobby I started with sand and root tabs!  Everything I planted looked like something out of the walking dead!  So just like the rest of you I found Cory and Aquarium Co-Op on the Tube and boy crap escalated from there to say the least!  I than found out there was a lot more to it than just throwing some plants into some water.  I started learning about macro and micro nutrients and the importance of a good substrate or a well seasoned substrate! I learned there's plants that strive in hard water and there's plants that love softer water!  I learned there's a huge difference between 8hrs of light compared to 10hrs. Its been an up and down journey and for once I feel like I've got a handle on my tanks. Thanks to all that's helped me get this far and for Cory and his team for spending thousands of hours making videos to teach people like myself!  Ill leave a few pics to show my progress!!







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Yeah Im also trying to mush all of it into my head. For now, I just know plants need light. But you know what know one told me? Some plants will just die in your water. For some reason, Pennywort just won't grow for me, at all. It starts developing pinholes, turning yellow and melting, and I got so frustrated. Eventually I convinced myself the plant was ugly and too big and that was the end of that.

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I realized nothing makes sense when I switched from sand to stratum cause nothing was growing in that sand, Ive had great luck with the stratum.  A few months later my son wanted to up grade his tank so I got him a 40g aquarium and I used that old sand I had previously swapped out from my tank that I couldnt get anything to grow in.  Any trimmings or plants I didnt want in my tank I threw in my sons and Ill be damned if everything I put in his tank isnt lush green and thriving and I dont get it. Cause with his tank im not fertilizing, no root tabs nothing and everything is exploding with growth.  Now explain that to me.  The light is a cheap amazon light made by Hygger.  Ive recently started running a high tech setup using the Fluval 3.0 and Co2.

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