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Is this Ich?


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I was checking out my aquarium and I saw some white spots on one of my brown Venezuelan cory's.

I'm not sure if it's a disease, or if it's simply bruises or something from brushing up on plants a lot. It doesn't look like ich when I google imaged it.


They have a soft white underbelly. Here is what one of my other cory's looks like for reference:

My tank parameters are pretty good. Always at .25ppm ammonia or lower, nitrates are typically around 20, and I haven't detected nitrites since I cycled it.


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1 minute ago, lefty o said:

i dont see ich on that. ich looks like you sprinkled table salt on a fish.

Yeah, I did a google image search and ich is a lot more like chicken pox for fish. 

Do you think it could be a respiratory infection or is it just how he looks probably? I haven't noticed it until yesterday, but I never really looked too closely at them and they seem to all be really happy and always searching for food. 

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