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How long to wait before transplanting this?

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1 hour ago, starsman20 said:

Worded question poorly. Should be how long can I wait? Will I get 10 plants or more if I leave it longer?

Yup, as long as there are sufficient nutrients, light, and water, it will keep reproducing! You can keep it going as long as you like. I have a couple swords or sagittaria that sent out plants on runners and the fry loved hiding and playing around the roots. They're all grown now, wherever their roots found the substrate, and have slowed down on the runners for a bit, but I like their densely packed, natural jungle sort of look (and it's still nursery to so many platy fry!)PXL_20210413_235222784.jpg.6e40ea3326e2c37a81a592fe83a2bcb4.jpg

Contrast to the jungle val that is quickly taking over the 10g. I swear it sends out a new runner every week!


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