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40 Gallon breeder progress

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I finally have all my plants in place, appears that everything is growing and doing well. Tank is cycling and doing its thing. I am beginning to think of stocking options for this bad boy. Can't do anything right now, as I have guppies in QT till the first week of May at the very least. 

I am so torn, between what to do for cleaning crew. I love bristle nose plecos (hear they are messy/large bioload?), Khuli loaches, Hillstream loaches, Oto's.. ugh.. want them all LOL. I MUST have Corydora's (good ground clean up crew.. but so CUTE).. but this time I am going to order them them online so I don't run into the issue of having a difficult time trying to find the same ones to complete my group. I don' know which ones to get. I have peppered and albino in the other tank and want different ones for his one. Once I am done with the clean up crew, I want to move on to adding the rest. With all these plants, I need a clean up crew.. and a GOOD one! 

This set up.. the struggle with the wood was REAL.. I have put it together and taken it apart because it would not sit right, or looked weird.. ugh.. finding large pieces of wood has been very difficult to say the least. Then my LFS was having a hard time getting dragon stone, so I had to use some large pebble stones.. ugh. I got a shrimp thingy, and pleco cave just because..LOL.. 

Suggestions? FYI.. background is black.. but the lights make it look a bit bluish at night.. or from a cameras view 


40 Gallon progress Apr 2021.jpg

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