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Neo Tank Crisis


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ohhh I see the little white guys now! Yeah that could be a parasite! In that case you can treat with an anti parasite medication.

Here’s an article on shrimp diseases that someone shared with me and I found helpful: https://www.aquariumnexus.com/freshwater-shrimp-diseases-parasites-remedies/

I do think it’s *possible* that you’re battling a bacterial infection rather than calcium deficiency—I’m currently facing that in my 10 gallon—but it’s hard to say for sure. The pic of the dead shrimp looks like its tissues turned white, but that can also happen after they die as part of the normal decomposition process. If it’s starting to turn white while they’re alive, that could be a sign of bacterial infection.

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3 hours ago, Saltinthedesert said:

Seems like a good balance of both to me. 

Good. I only learned of it recently myself.

I think the parasites, a few mites (?) if that is what it is, wouldn't manage to do so much damage. But unfortunately I have no better idea. Maybe it is the after effects of the low GH as suggested.

I hope things get better!

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