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I didn't use my tripod and so these pics are crooked, DOH. 

My 5 gallon tank with my betta, Mister Mojo. His head is lumpy because he has tumors. Little fuzzy algae is starting to grow on the wood and rocks and that makes me really happy.



His lovely lumps.



My 5 gallon portrait with Murder Bean the pea puffer. His tank is kind of a mess right now, but I kind of like it anyways. I'm trying to grow some hydrocotyle tripartita with.... a *little* success so far (it's only been in the tank a few weeks). 



He hates the camera, but he did let me get a pic of him.


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Here is my 10 gallon neon tetra aquarium. It has val along the background with dwarf sag in the foreground. Lucky bamboo is planted in the substrate throughout and is growing out of the top. 


Here is my 5 gallon blue dream shrimp aquarium. It has overgrown Christmas moss made to look like a tree. I need to trim and shape it. 


Here is an earlier picture of the 5 gallon when it was a little less overgrown and much more visually clean. 

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