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I currently have two 28 gallon tanks.

I set one up without a cover.

I lose about two liters a week to evaporation in the uncovered tank.
My question is if I’m adding two liters of water a week do I still need to do a frequent water change?

The tank is stocked with nine cardinal tetras, six Cory cats, one nerite snail, dwarf hair grass, Java fern and water sprite.

I check my parameters weekly and they stay within acceptable limits.

Than you




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Topping off is not at all the same as a water b change. If you have 29 gallons of nitrates and 4 gallons evaporates, you have 29 gallons of nitrates in 25 gallons of water. When you top off, it goes back to being 29 gallons in 29 gallons. As for frequency....as with everything else, they are right. If your plants help balance your tank, then you decide the frequency. Sounds like you have a good plant to stock ratio... 

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